Inktober 17 – Day 25

This is Benchy. It’s a 3D model people use to test their 3D printers since it has lots of characteristics that reveal printer calibration errors. I wanted something simple & quick tonight. I still want to complete one of these in 10 minutes, but this one came in right at 20 minutes so I’m getting closer.

Today’s Prompt: ship

Inktober 17 – Day 24

Very simple sketch tonight. My hand wasn’t cooperating on the circles & ellipses tonight. I really wasn’t a fan of this prompt so I wanted to go with something quick & simple. I tried for a 10 minute sketch, but I ended up spending about 20-25. I will say, I did find it refreshing to do something pretty quick without thinking too much…even if my results aren’t anything spectacular.

Today’s Prompt: blind

Inktober 17 – Day 23

Timon with a juicy grub. A meh rendition of a scene from my favorite Disney movie. I overdid it the Copic and I do wish I did the grub in red (like it was in the movie).

Today’s Prompt: juicy