Inktober 17 – Day 20

I wanted to try something different tonight so I used the brush pen for the background and the gel pen for the foreground. I don’t really like my gel pen all that much. My brush pen didn’t fill in the background very smoothly, but i don’t have a brush to use with my dip pen ink, so it was the best I could do. I didn’t like not being able to use pencil on this one. I did a digital test sketch that came out better, but I’m glad I tried a different technique at least.

Today’s Prompt: deep

Inktober 17 – Day 19

Nothing great tonight – just Cloud Guy from the Trolls movie. I thought he’d be quick & simple to draw, but my brush pen fu was not strong this evening. At least I’m on prompt I guess.

Today’s Prompt: cloud

Inktober 17 – Day 18

I couldn’t think of anything else “filthy” that I wanted to draw for today’s prompt, so I went with “filthy rich”. Nothing original on this one, but it was fun to copy an existing character & pose. I’m not overly happy with how the Copics turned out, but they got the job done.

Today’s Prompt: filthy