What I’m Doing Now

This wasn’t a very eventful week. I’ve been finishing up a big project at work and we’ve been interviewing some potential candidates for an open position on our team. Beyond that, my wife & I have just been stressing about sending our daughter back to school with the rising COVID numbers.

I’m still playing Xenoblade Chronicles. I’m past the part where I stopped in my 3DS playthrough. I’m still enjoying it and it’s nice to get more of the story. It’s funny though, it still feels like there is a difficulty spike at the place I stopped on 3DS. It wasn’t *as* hard this playthrough since I’ve been extra careful to grind extra this time, but even so, the section I just went through (chapter 12) seems harder than the chapters before it.

This week is more of the same. School starts at the end of July, so we’ll be preparing for that and seeing what happens at work.

Last Updated: July 11h, 2020

Inspired by Derek Sivers