What I’m Doing Now

Looks like work is about to get more interesting again with a new big project. We haven’t nailed down the tech stack officially, but it looks like it’ll be AWS Amplify + React for the frontend, which will be a big change (but in a good way). I’m looking forward to a more cloud native build than what we typically work on. It’ll be challenging, but a good way to grow the team’s skillsets and deliver a pretty awesome user experience to customers.

Outside of work, I’ve mostly been following game console news this week. I got a Playstation 5 preorder locked in, an Oculus Quest 2 pre-order, and I also expect to get an Xbox Series S or X next week. To be honest, I don’t have time to play any of these, so I’m not even sure I’ll keep the pre-orders, but I at least want to have a spot in line for release day. I think I’m most likely to cancel the Quest 2 preorder since my Quest 1 still works fine and it sounds like most of the Quest 2 upgrades won’t happen for a while, if at all, beyond a bit of improved texturing and more clarity in general.

Last Updated: September 19th, 2020

Inspired by Derek Sivers