What I’m Doing Now

Nothing major this week. I did get my robot kit put together. There were a few gotchas that we’re documented which caused trouble when I tried to flash some custom firmware, but the assembly & initial experience was actually great. I’m hoping to take some time to go through the source code of the firmware and learn what each bit is doing. I understand the big chunks, but it uses plenty of things that I haven’t dealt with in smaller projects. I think it’s going to be a really fun learning experience.

Beyond that, not a lot is going on. I did pick up Xenoblade 3 again – I think I just started Chapter 5. I’m looking forward to continuing that, but it’s hard to carve out enough time to make much meaningful progress at the moment. Battles take a bit and there are *lots* of cutscenes (which I really like, but it makes it hard to just pick up and play for 15 minutes).

Last Updated: October 1st, 2022

Inspired by Derek Sivers