What I’m Doing Now

I’ve been going through some training classes on building distributed systems this week. The more I see, the less interested I am in building them. It seems like a big mess. You can’t avoid building them in some situations, but I’m having a hard time connecting any business problem I’ve needed to solve with anything close to a big distributed system. I also have a hard time seeing a team adjust to the totally different architectural approach – it’s just very different.

On the hobby front, I’m making project on the budget notification app, the breathing iOS app, and the VNC Swift code. None are done, but the breathe-like iOS app actually runs and it’s usable. It’s just for my daughter to use though and not something I’ll put up on the iOS app store. The code is completely hacked together, so it’s not even something people would want to use for any other purpose.

I’m particularly happy with the VNC code. I can successfully connect to my desktop downstairs, pull a desktop image, display it on iOS, and then update it every second. That’s about the extent of the code but getting the image working was tricky due to working with low level imagine APIs AND VNC wanting to use different endian arrangements for different parts of the protocol.

I think we’re still staying in for the Memorial Day weekend. I’m off work Monday, so maybe I’ll make some additional progress on my hobby projects and/or house projects.

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2020

Inspired by Derek Sivers