Inktober 17 – Day 28

Poké Pumpkin. I wasn’t really feeling the prompt tonight, so I went with a quick pumpkin with a Pokémon face (Haunter).

Today’s Prompt: fall

Inktober 17 – Day 27

Cat in a Tree. I like the tree pretty well, but the fur didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted. I went way too crazy with the shadows on the rock. Overall though, I’m pretty happy with this for a 15 minute sketch.

Today’s Prompt: climb

Inktober 17 – Day 26

Mouser from Super Mario 2. Not my best work, but I really wanted to try to draw him. My reference image was an 8-bit sprite, so, maybe I got him perfectly accurate…who knows. 🙂 Anyway, this guy was one of my favorite characters in Super Mario 2.

Today’s Prompt: squeak