Budgee for iOS (Retired)

Budgee’s tagline was “Budgeting Made Simple” and it tried to do just that. It wasn’t complicated and didn’t have a lot of features, but it had just enough to help track your day to day spending. The screenshots look very outdated today, but keep in mind, Budgee was literally one of the first 10,000 apps in the iOS app store.

I built Budgee as a budgeting tool for myself (I’ve been a personal finance nerd ever since college). It was sold for $2.99 most of it’s life and while it never brought in anywhere close to enough money to live on, it did help fund a new MacBook Pro and a WWDC trip.

I eventually made it free before I took it out of the store. At one time, it had nearly 200,000 downloads which was pretty crazy to me.

I ended up retiring it a few years after it was released because I just couldn’t justify the expense of moving to the model I wanted (cloud-based, but a mobile app).

It may not look like much, but I was very proud of this app since it was the first iOS app for me, my first commercial app, and it was literally one of the first(-ish) apps on the original iPhone.