Does anyone else get false high heart rate alerts from their Apple Watch (Series 1 specifically)? Not a random high reading, but the alert that says HR is above 120 bpm for 10 minutes? I’ve had it twice now, but my HR is definitely nowhere near that high sitting at my desk.

I finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2 last night. During the last of the story, my allergies acted up all the sudden…watery eyes and sniffles and such. I don’t think they’ve acted up like that since FF7. 🙂 Really good game if you like JRPGs w/ real-time battles.

Still enjoying Bear app, but it doesn’t seem to like Evernote imports with lots of web clippings. The archive was around 1.5GB so it wasn’t exactly small, but just dragging the notes to one master tag took about 5 minutes to process.