Ready for Inktober

This year, I’ve been trying to focus on a few more creative activities – specifically drawing. I used to doodle quite a bit in high school but stopped in college. I was never fantastic at it, but I enjoyed it. I really miss the creativity aspect of it, so this year, I’m doing Inktober with a few friends.

The rules are:
1) Make a drawing in ink
2) Post it online
3) Tag it with some Inktober specific hashtags
4) Repeat for every day in October

So 1 drawing, in ink (pencils can be used, but you have to finish in ink), for every day in October. I don’t expect to have any amazing sketches to share, but I’m planning on posting my finished drawings here just for fun. I don’t expect I’ll be able to carve out a ton of time to do these drawings, so they’ll likely end up happening in 30 minutes a day or so. Given my skill level, that means they’ll probably be barely better than a stick figure drawing.

At the very least, this will encourage me to do more drawing than I’ve done all year, so I’m looking forward to it.