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TWIL – 2016 Week 25

This Week I Learned, TWIL, is a weekly series of posts where I collect any interesting bits I ran across in the previous week.

This was a busy week at work and I didn’t spend a ton of time on the usual topics. I did spend a ton of time catching up on WWDC 2016 videos, but I won’t try to link to all of those.


.NET Rocks! – Episode 1309 – Instrumenting Mobile Apps with Greg Shackles
A good overview of all the different data points that are useful in mobile apps.

.NET Rocks! – Episode 1310 – Building Virtual Reality Apps for Vive VR in Unity3D with Jason Weimann
This was a really high level overview of VR development with Unity. Not a lot of content if you’re already familiar with VR & Unity.

.NET Rocks! – Episode 1312 – .NET Core and Kestrel with David Fowler and Damian Edwards
A great discussion of .NET Core & Kestrel. I’m looking forward to the new tech and it’s always interesting to hear some of the stories behind the decisions.