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TWIL – 2016 Week 21

This Week I Learned, TWIL, is a weekly series of posts where I collect any interesting bits I ran across in the previous week.

NOTE: This week was a vacation week, so not too much to report this time around.


Pluralsight – Docker for Web Developers by Dan Wahlin
I’ve been wanting to get up to speed on Docker for a while and that was an excellent course. Dan covers enough to hit the ground running as a developer using Docker on your local dev box. It only has a tiny bit of content about deployment. Basically no content about managing/monitoring your Docker containers, so I’d still like to find a good overview of that aspect.

Josh Carroll mentioned this in the KnoxDevs Slack the other day and it was something I’ve not seen before. It’s an easy way to add the ability to use OData queries (like sorting/paging) on your API endpoints without having to actually implement OData yourself. I can see this being quite handy.