Goals 2011 Edition

This year, I’m setting 5 major goals for myself. I have several other
behaviors to change/actions to take this year, but I’m only considering these
five items my goals since they are realistic, actionable, and measurable.

Release a new app or website

I’ve been working on several ideas over the last year or so and I’m going to
really push to get at least one new project released publicly. I’m not going
to be more specific other than the new “thing” will must be something anyone
can sign up for or download. Open source, closed source, free, or paid –
doesn’t matter – I just want to complete v1.0 of a new project.

Max out 401K & Roth IRA

Pretty simple – $16,500 pre-tax dollars into the 401K and $5,000 of after-tax
dollars into a Roth IRA.

Lose weight

Nothing special about this goal. I’m targeting 35 pounds lost by the end of
the year. I’ve had this one on my goal list for a while, so it’s time to
finally knock this one off.

Write a journal entry a day

This is a new one for me. I wanted to do a 365 photo project, but I’d really
like to do more writing…so a 365 writing project it is. I won’t be
publishing these, but I’m really enjoying it so far (even though I’m only 3
days in).

2011 feels different from years past, so I have pretty high hopes for
accomplishing these goals (as well as several other things).