C# Integer Only Textbox Example

I added a little example program the other day and I just wanted to let people know it was there in case it helps someone. It’s called “Integer Only Textbox Example” and it’s written in C# (what else is there? 😉 ). It will show you how to use the keypress event of a standard WinForm TextBox to force it to accept only positive and negative integers. I wrote this as an example to help a fellow blogger on here, but hopefully it will help other people out a little bit too. Also, you should make sure you actually double check that the value in the textbox WAS an integer (e.g. don’t just assume this works 100% of the time, because although it should, you should still use try/catch around Int32.Parse(textBox.Text) just to be safe). Anyway, here it is:



I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like, so I’m trying to get started again (although I have been trying to read and comment on posts everyday). Well, I hope everyone out there had a nice Easter weekend. I was hoping to have a good weekend myself, but I ended up staying home and studying all weekend long for the GMAT for business school admissions. I have to take the test on the 14th and it’s basically the only shot at it that I’ll get until next year, so I’m trying to do good. The test is actually a pretty good test from what I can tell…it’s a CAT test which means it’s a Computer Adaptive Test…The idea is to start you out with medium difficulty questions. If you get the question correct, you get a couple of points and the hardness increases for the next question. If you get it wrong, you lose a couple of points and you get an easier question. The idea is that you will eventually reach a point where you miss most of the questions that are harder than your current question but get correct those that are easier. At this point, the test has found your score. I think that idea is great. It means the test is harder because you can’t go back to look at previous answers (nor can you skip questions) but it does try to figure out your level better than a paper test does. The only problem is that the test is only a set number of questions long. So if a section has 35 questions, then you may not get to that spot that shows your score until you’re given 40 questions etc. I’m sure try tried to make it as accurate as possible while still controlling the time required to take the test. Anyway, it should be an interesting experience one way or another.

Nintendo's Metroid

Good news for any fans of Metroid: a new movie is being made based on the game series. I’m not exactly sure what the plot is going to look like because there really aren’t any humans other than Samus…but I’ll still see it because I love the games. You can find a little more info here:
BTW, wasn’t there a cartoon show about this? I remember seeing something animated that involved Metroid a LONG time ago but, I can’t remember when or what that was…oh well.