Microsoft’s XNA Game Development Platform

Looks like MS has figured out how to boost it’s XBox (probably more like XBox 2 sales) even more.  They are building a new development “platform” called XNA that supposedly makes it really easy to develop a game that runs on any MS platform (PC, XBOX, PocketPC maybe?).  Anyway, very little details, but it sounds interesting…now if only they wouldn’t require lots of fees and let end users play with it…

Is TheSpoke on a production server?

The last few comments I have tried to submit have resulted in an error… once the entire site went down for a minute and the last one just a few minutes ago was a detailed ASP.NET error message about something in the windows system folder… an error message that I should be seeing.  I am just curious if this server is a production server where code is moved once it has been tested or if this is the testing AND production server

If this is a testing server, I would really suggest you turn those remote debug messages off because that’s quite a bad thing to be showing every person that stumbles upon it by just clicking a button here or there…just a thought.

Range Validator's Whacky Default

Just a quick tip to hopefully save someone out there a little bit of time… If you add range validator to your ASP.NET page that is checking a numerical range (e.g. 10 min to 100 max) make sure you set the Type of the range validator to Integer…  If you just say 10 to 100 without setting it, you’ll set some whacky results since it defaults to Type=String for some reason…