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Inktober – Week 1 Thoughts

At this point, I’ve completed the first full week of Inktober. I’m really enjoying it so far. I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to work on a couple of my drawings, but overall, I’m really pleased with what I’ve done. Is it professional art? No, certainly not, but it’s more “serious” drawing than I’ve ever done.

So with the first week behind me, what have I learned so far:

  • Brush pens are really hard to use, but give great line variation
  • I love the look of a dip pen nib
  • Thicker dip pen lines leave a mound of ink on the paper and it takes longer than I thought to dry
  • Getting the underdrawing right really helps
  • Curves are hard…I still have trouble drawing them in one smooth motion and it shows up in the linework
  • Texturing with only black ink still alludes me…I need to work more of this into week 2