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Looking Back on 2008

Well, 2008 is almost over and overall, it really hasn’t been that bad.  This year I:

  • Switched to using Apple OS X as my primary desktop environment (after I purchased my first Apple computer – a 13″ MacBook)
  • Remodeled my kitchen (well, mostly…a couple of minor things are still on the TODO list)
  • Canceled my Lowe’s credit card after having absolutely terrible service from them (during my kitchen remodel)
  • Totally paid off my student loan debt
  • Celebrated my grandfather’s 80th birthday and then attended his funeral less than a week later
  • Sold my first “real” software product – Budgee – a budgeting app for Apple’s iPhone
  • Celebrated my 1 year anniversary at my new employer – finally doing software development for a software company, which is what I had been wanting to do
  • Lost ~30 lbs by joining a gym & getting a personal trainer (although I’ve slacked off over the last couple of months…time to get going on that again)
  • Built up a 1 year emergency fund “just in case”
  • Finally got around to visiting old college friends back in Alabama and had one friend finally make it up to Tennessee to visit

While 2008 was pretty fun overall, I’m pretty sure 2009 is going to be awesome in quite a few ways…  Here’s looking forward to a whole new year and lots of exciting adventures to come…

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