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Just a quick post to say I’m still around…  I haven’t been updating this blog much because things got quite busy at work and after that settled down, I started working on a small iPhone app that I’ve been wanting for a long time.

On October 14th, I finally released my app (called Budgee) to the Apple App Store.  So far, it’s been a blast – I use the app daily, I’ve heard good things overall from those that have contacted me about it, and I have some interesting things I’d like to do with it in the future…plus several more apps that are in the queue.  If you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to in the iPhone world, the blog I’ll be updating for that (and I will be updating it) is: (if you want to see Budgee, it’s here:

Anyway – not much else to say other than I’m still not going to be posting too many updates to this blog in the near future.  I’m really trying to focus most of my free time getting my new iPhone venture up and running at full speed.

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