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Ok, so I lied – Back to Mac & WinXP

Yesterday, I posted about how I was giving up OS X after 3 months of use. Well, after 24 hours of use, I remembered why I tried to switch to mac to start with…activation.  I’m one of those people that likes to reformat a machine when it’s getting too much crud – after all, as a software developer, I try out new things when they come out and that’s not really a good thing for the system if you want to keep it clean and fast.  The problem, is that I don’t really want to tie Vista to my MacBook since I may want to go back to OS X at some point…  I remembered I had my dual core Athlon 64 desktop w/ triple monitors just sitting in a closet, so found some desk space and fired it up.  It’s so much easier to get my .NET development on using my desktop. I’m sure it’s just habit, but it just doesn’t feel right on the laptop (and I miss my third screen).
So, now my MacBook is transitioning back to OS X Leopard (looking forward to Snow Leopard though if they really do speed things up), but my main workhorse is my trusty old desktop.  I really hate not using Vista since I purchased it at retail, but XP just feels better (and Vista doesn’t like my desktop…but XP flies on it thanks to the ton o’ RAM and 10K RPM SATA drive).
I’m really surprised that I didn’t like having a dedicated Vista laptop, but it just didn’t feel right once everything was said and done.  With this new setup, things seem just right…old habits die hard.

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