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iPhone Thoughts – One Month Later

I’ve had my 4GB iPhone for about a month now so I thought I would share my impressions now that I’ve had plenty of time to check things out.  Overall, I’m still very happy with my purchase, but there are a few annoying things:

No Tasklist.  I don’t know why Apple decided to include all of the other PIM applications (contacts, calendar, notes), but decided to leave off a tasklist.  I really miss that feature from my Windows Mobile phone.  Hopefully Apple will add this soon
Random Crashes. It isn’t clear why it happens, but every once in a while, the iPhone will freeze and I’ll have to reboot.  Most of the time, I can just use the home button to kill the application and things are fine (although you usually lose whatever data you were updating, if any, when you do this).  It doesn’t take long to reset (maybe 20 seconds), but it’s still a bit of a pain.  My Windows Mobile phone and my PocketPC seem more stable (and I don’t have non-Apple applications on my phone).

No local downloading.  You can browse anything you want via Safari, but you can’t save anything.  I had one time when I really wanted to save a PDF document for viewing later or even e-mail it to myself…but the iPhone doesn’t support that.

No copy & paste. There have been a couple of times when I needed to take a snippit of a webpage (or even copy a URL) and paste it into a note or e-mail, but at present, there is no ability to copy and paste on the iPhone. Of coure, there are still the original issues of not having Flash support and no Assisted GPS.

But other than these few issues, the phone really works well.  The photo viewer works great, the call quality has been excellent, the EDGE network in my area is certainly speedy enough for everything I’ve needed, and the battery life is better than I expected.  It may not be the perfect phone, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

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