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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

So I went to see the new Fantastic Four movie – I hadn’t planned on seeing it since I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the first one.  I never read the comics, but I do know some of the FF storyline somehow (a cartoon maybe?  can’t remember…).  Anyway, a friend said he saw some reviews that said the movie was pretty good – so I decided to tag along.

The first hour or so wasn’t all that great.  It was almost entertaining, but not quite.  I think the little bit of the silver surfer story that I did know ruined this part for me – they spend so long trying to figure out what is going on that it just gets plain boring (not to mention the fact that it never really goes into detail about what IS going on…).  I would say this part of the movie was a little worse than Part 1.

The second half (more specifically, the last 20 or so minutes) was where the good stuff can be found.  I actually liked end quite a bit – much better than the first movie.  I won’t go into any details or anything, but it was entertaining.  I don’t know that it made up for the entire $8.50 I spent to see the movie, but it certainly helped.

If you’re a FF fan, then maybe you’ll love the movie.  If you’ve seen the other movies out right now, then might as well see this one too.  If you’re looking for the most entertainment bang for your buck, well, this probably isn’t the film for you.

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