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Long Time No Blog

I realize its been quite a while since I last posted Im hoping to get a chance to write about some new things very soon. So far, things have been pretty crazy at work – were getting told if were retained, rebadged, or rejected (ie. fired, transitioned, impacted, etc.whatever you want to call it) next weekso things are just peachy at the office right now, as Im sure you can imagine. 🙂

For those of you that have left comments recently (meaning in the last month or two) – youll see your comments showing up as soon as Im able to clear out the moderation queue. I started getting comment spam a few months ago and now the queue is flooded with the stuff. So thank you for commenting and Ill get it posted as soon as I can. (Also, if anyone has a suggestion on a good comment spam stopper, Im all ears. Id really like a nice little plugin I can just activate without a ton of configuration – I just dont have time at the moment to go in and make a lot of changes to the site to install some of the more involved solutions.)

I recently got started on a new hobby – nature photography – so Im hopeful that Ill at least be able to get a blog post or two about that (specifically the costs involved in such a hobby) pretty soon, so stay tuned.