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Save Money on Cell Service

If you live in the US and you dont have a problem with Sprint, you can get an awesome deal on a great cell phone plan by visiting a special URL: Youll need to know the e-mail address of a sprint employee (if you dont know anyone that works for sprint, you can try looking for them onlinee.g. google for Thats all that you have to do though other than give them your zipcode (to locate the plans and phones you can get). I dont have service with Sprint at the moment (I use Cingular since everyone I know has it – thus its free mobile-to-mobile), but I know someone that has a plan through this service and its quite a great deal. My plan with Cingular (450 regular minutes, free nights weekends, and unlimited web/data) costs me right at $60/mo. The same plan with Sprint (only via the link above) costs $30/mo (not including tax etc.)! And the Sprint plan has 500 minutes instead of 450. To top it off, the phones on Sprints site are even cheaper with that link (although you wont have as many to select from). If youre in the market for a new cellphone or unhappy with your current plan, you should check this out and see if itll work. Im thinking about switching since it save so much money every month – just an awesome deal. (The only catch is if you are a current sprint customeryou can get the deal via the link, but you WILL NOT be able to keep your current phone numberapparently it has to do with how they associate phone numebrs with accounts. If you transfer to sprint from another carrier, this isnt a problem, but be ready for a new number if you try this and have an active sprint plan.)