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The Storm Nears

I havent been writing much for the last week or two because Ive been trying to get all of my finances worked out. I set several goals I have for financial year 2006 and Im happy to say that Im going to be able to reach almost all of them. Ill post them in a day or twoId like to track high level goals on this blog since that helps keep me accountable for them (or at least it feels like it) and maybe theyll help you figure out your goals if you havent already done so. The reason Im focusing on my goals so much at the moment (and the reason for the posts title) is that the company I work for is starting to announce more about our downsizing plan. I wont mention the company – the downsizing is public knowledge, but the company is a publicly traded one so I dont want to say anything I shouldnt on this blog. But I will say that the downsizing plan isnt anything we (as employees) havent known aboutits just one of those things that are becoming more real these days. Change is always hard for everyone and going through this experience so early in my career is certainly valuable from several perspectives – but its also pretty hard not knowing if you have a job next year, for how long (if you have one), and where itll be (in case relocation is required). It seems like this is just something we as 20-somethings have to accept as commonplace. Times like these do remind me how important it is to manage ones own career and that life is going to be full of difficult choices – with each challenge we can choose to learn from it and grow stronger or decide that we arent in control and let the world decide our path. Even at this point in my life, the business of life is already quite an interesting journey.