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NetFlix – is it worth it?

Five Cent Nickel has a post about how much money NetFlix saves versus going out to the theater.� Ive recently started using NetFlix and thought Id chime in on my observation so far.� Ive had the service for about a month and a half now.� The selection is great – basically anything you are going to want to see is there.� Generally everything is pretty easy to get – one movie out of 30 I added to my queue said it wasnt available Now but had a Short Wait.� I checked back a few days later and it was back in – so short wait really did mean a short wait which was nice.� The only problem Ive had so far is that the distribution center is several hundred miles away.� So when I ship a movie back or they ship one out to me, it takes 2-3 days transit to get here or there.� So if I mail a movie at the beginning of the week, I might get the new movie by the end of the week or possibly the beginning of the next week.� Its still cheaper than going to Blockbuster and renting a couple of movies, but I know it only takes a day shipping each way from my parents house (they are quite a bit closer to a DC).� Im going to keep the service for another month and see if the service level stays the same.� If it does, I might check out Blockbusters online rental service to see if its any faster (as long as it still has a good selection).� While NetFlix is really easy to use, the shipping to my area is just so slow that its frustrating.� At the very least, I might drop down to lower plan – I have the $17.99 – 3 movies at a time – plan at the moment.� Im still getting to see around 3 movies a week, but I was planning on at least double that (at least until I catch up on quite a few movies Ive missed recently).