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And so it begins

It seems like giving a little overview of the blog is what the first post should usually be about these days, so here goes: Im a recent college graduate (Computer Science undergrad then straight through the MBA program) starting out at my first job in the real world. In the past, Ive done decently as far as managing my money, personal development, and life in general – but I havent really been focusing on the things that are important. Sometimes I happen upon them and things work out or I need to make a course correction and still manage fine, but I know there is a better way. This blog is going to be at least two things: something akin to a journal of my own experiences getting started in this real world as well as another perspective on the different areas of life that are of interest to me – in particular, personal finance, personal growth development, career development, and general lessons learned about the real world.

And now its time to start my job in the Business of Life.