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Starting up INETA chapter

One of the things I find really helpful at the start of a semester is to make a list of professional & educational goals…I try to envision where I want to be a few years from now and then use that to determine the steps I can take now to get me there in the future…well, one of my goals for this semester is to establish an INETA group here at the University of Alabama.  One of the challenges though, is making sure the content is in line with the audience – since .NET isn’t something that is really taught in classes much around here and there aren’t many companies in the area that use .NET, this would be a great way to expand awareness and build a community here that just doesn’t exist right now.  One thing I’m struggling with though is making sure the topic is such that professional developers would want to visit the group and not be turned off by the topics while at the same time getting those that might not even be familiar with .NET up to speed.  Have any of you particapated in a local INETA chapter at your school?  If so, I’d love to hear how things run there or any advice you might have on this subject (either in the comments here or at my e-mail address abyram (at) gmail (dot) com).