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Research Experience

For the M.S. in Enterprise Integration that I’m getting in conjunction with my MBA, I have to write a research paper in order to finish the degree – (same concept as a PhD type program, but it’s not a thesis w/ defense or anything as involved as that).  I didn’t realize until now just how hard it is to narrow down a topic enough so that you can actually write a paper on it.  We’re constrained by the fact that our paper has to be related to systems development in some way, but beyond that, it just has to be a “doable” research topic.  Right now, I’m looking at the maintenance phase of software development and how you can capture experience / knowledge in a way that adds value to current and future maintenance. I started out at a high-level wanting to look into knowledge management and this is where I’ve ended up after a couple of months of digging around in research articles.  Anyway, I was just curious if any of the Spoke community is working on a research paper and what topics you’ve chosen to look into.