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Could you code with one of these?

I just saw this product from a blog over at and thought it was cool enough to share:

It’s a keyboard that doesn’t have any markings on the keys (no letters etc.)! I probably type about 95% of the time without looking at the keyboard because a couple of years back, I made myself break the habit of looking down…(and I did it by playing a little typing game SEGA made…yup, SEGA, called “Typing of the Dead” really great game to learn to type if you like video games). I’m actually a bit interested in getting one of these things…not because I’m the greatest typist, but that would be an excellent way to force yourself to type even faster…I wonder how much it costs though.

UPDATE: Um, ok. That keyboard is somewhere in the $150 – $300 range (it’s sold out right now so I can’t find an exact price, but the similar models fit in that range)! That’s a wee bit much…it’d rather run the key labels off an old keyboard I already own then unless that thing types for me. 🙂