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Tablet PC Advice – What do you like?

I’m considering buying a Tablet PC to use in my MBA classes.  I find that I’m carrying a leather legal pad / folder thing around with me everywhere, and I wish I could just carry a tablet instead because it would make taking notes so much easier…plus, I bought a laptop last semester because it was on sale and I needed one at the time knowing that it might not be good enough for what I wanted to do…well, turns out it really isn’t all that great.  It overheats quite bad (it’s an HP…apparently these just do that…moreso than other laptops at least), it’s pretty slow (Athlon Mobile proc…slower than my desktop that is 5 years old now when I run the laptop off battery power…and it’s set on maximum speed).  Anyway, I know several people here use Tablet PCs, so what do you guys (and gals) like?  I am looking for something with a fairly long battery life and it needs to be convertable so I can use a keyboard when coding.  I don’t care about a DVD burner, top of the line graphics, etc, but I need it to be fast and to last for at least the next two years without having to do many upgrades.