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QOTD: What is the meaning of life?

I thought about the Question of the Day today and I’ve kinda gotten a little philosophical about it, so I thought I’d share since it makes for a decent blog…

So what is the meaning of life?

Well, I saw several definitions of life on the QOTD answers section, but those really don’t tell you the meaning of life…only one definition of what life is.

There were also a couple of insightful answers like:

Be good to others; enjoy your family and friends; enjoy yourself; do something at some point that benefits others.” – comoxbc

to celebrate god’s creation and re-invent ourselves from start every new moment” – Anonymous

While these get closer to the answer to the question at hand, they still don’t quite get there.  They give you what you should do during life, but not what it’s meaning is…  The problem here is that this question cannot be answered by anyone that could post for the following reason:

Life is what you make of it.  The way you live, the things you do and don’t do, the way you treat others, the things you place values on…everything you do while you are alive are actually part of your definition of what life is and the meaning behind it.  Your period of existence as a living being will culminate in your unique answer that defines what the meaning of your life was.  That’s the great thing about being alive…we are not governed by a preset restriction as to what the meaning of life it…defining the meaning of life for each of us IS the meaning of our lives.