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Initial Thoughts on Gmail

For those of you that thought Google’s new e-mail service was just a great April Fool’s joke, here’s some news for you: GMail is real…seriously. I’m not sure how they are planning on offering 1GB of space for each user, but I’m assuming they can probably do it if they say they can. Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of posts here recently talking about how great it is to have a 1GB mailbox. Something these hubbers don’t reallize, is the privacy rights Google is reserving. I don’t have a lot of time to write this post so I’ll keep it short and you can take it how ever you would like:

1.) “Residual copies of email may remain on our systems, even after you have deleted them from your mailbox or after the termination of your account.”

2.) “We reserve the right to transfer your personal information in the event of a transfer of ownership of Google…”

Both of those statements are from the GMail Privacy Policy here:

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know that I want google storing ALL of my personal e-mails basically FOREVER especially in the event that another company takes them over or merges with them…